Thursday, August 1, 2019

Youth Cuba Reflection - Natalie

Today we toured the two amazingly hospitable towns where we are staying, Remedios and Camajuani.  We started in Camajuani, and looked at a warehouse where they make giant floats for an annual parade in March called Parranda. The town is divided into two teams, the toads and the goats, that hold a friendly competition for the best float.  The toads come from the neighborhood near the swamp and the goats are the people from the hills. We then walked around the lovely city center and passed a little playground where the swings were made out of propane tanks. For lunch we ate in the Camajuani Presbyterian Church, where FPC is staying.  The juices here are absolutely amazing and the fruit is so fresh, you can smell the guava just by walking in the room. From there we took a twenty minute bus ride to Remedios and walked to the town square near the Church where we are staying. A gorgeous yellow clock tower rises to the sun. Beneath the tower is a Catholic Church, founded in 1550. The history is stunning, and we are learning about Cuban culture through the friends that we are making. We feel very welcomed here!  

Natalie H - Grade 9