Thursday, August 8, 2019

Youth Cuba Reflection - Edith

Today we learned about service projects that the Remedios Presbyterian Church does for their community. I especially enjoyed meeting Marcela, an elder in the church. Marcela is 79 and very involved in the Remedios Presbyterian Church. For 11 years, she worked as a chef for their food program, similar to our UpLift and Micah 6 programs. Now she sews bags that the youth decorate as a part of the church's fundraising program. They use the money to support the elderly, youth, and people with special needs in Remedios. Marcela also helps in worship by collecting the Sunday offering. We asked her why she volunteered at the church and Marcela said she loved the sense of community and peace the church created. Marcela was inspiring to me, because she gives so much to others. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience that motivates me to try to do more, like Marcela, for my community.

-Edith H.